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Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching Her Bed?

Why does my dog keep scratching her bed?

Dog laying on bed sideways. Ears flopping to the side.

Your new dog has come into your life and you need a bed for the new ball of joy in your life. Now you purchase a new bed and you constantly see her scratching the brand-new bed and see her even tearing her bed. You’re left with a bunch of stuffing on the floor and a giant mess to clean up wondering where you went wrong.

This is normal

Dogs have been doing this for hundreds of years. Their ancestors would pile leaves dirt and whatever they could get their paws on to make a comfortable place for them to sleep. Another reason why dogs do this is because they have glands in their paws, and they are marking their territory. This is a far better way of marking where they sleep vs. the other way.

What can I do?

The best thing for you to do is purchase a durable bed with a removable cushion or have a machine washable bed. Try to avoid the fuzzy materials. These materials trigger their chew response because a lot of toys use the same material and cleaning it is a pain. Most if not all of our dog beds avoid this all together making cleaning a breeze and having durable materials and stitching throughout our products.

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