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The Secret Price of Pets

If you are thinking about owning a dog, cat, or pet of any kind its important to understand the costs of owning different types of animals. While some can take less time, effort and money the average costs of pet ownership exceed $1,000 within the first year and we aren’t even including emergency visits to your local vet.

From food, treats, toys, beds, crates and more the average household spends in between $75 - $200 a month on their pets. This isn’t even for the gourmet food or top of the line pet equipment. Now that you understand the true costs of pet ownership here are a few ways to cut down on costs.

Dog Care Essentials

Understand that as a responsible dog owner you will need to have the essentials. If you want to spend on lavishly on your pup that isn't an issue. If you're on a budget stick to only the essentials.

Dog Crate: A dog crate is an essential tool for providing protection and even potty training. Dog crates also prevent destruction of property when you dog is stressed. Creating a safe environment for your dog is essential for the overall health of your dog.

Dog Bed: Dog beds are essential and are deemed a necessity. It is especially important to have an orthopedic bed for aging dogs. Comfort, warmth and creating a den like environment stimulates their naturalistic instincts.

Dog Bowls: This one seems straight forward since your dog needs to eat and drink out of something. There are a lot of options to choose when picking a bowl, we recommend something easily washable and durable. Ceramic is a nice option, but they can crack and shatter if dropped. Therefore, most dog owners prefer the stainless-steel option.

Dog Food: Everyone needs to eat and so does your pup. Before purchasing any food, a quick call to your vet can help you choose the correct size and special restriction dog food you will need. Any excess dog food shouldn’t be left in their bowl for over a few hours. This will prevent their food from getting stale.

Dog Treats: While we don’t view these as a necessity dog treats come in handy when training your dogs. Since it is a valuable aid, we thought others might view treats as a necessity. As we have mentioned in previous articles that over 54% of dogs are overweight so use treats sparingly.

Dog Toys: This is an essential for much needed exercise and playtime with your dog. Toys give the much-needed quality time with our pets and it helps keep them active. It also has the added benefit of keeping you active.

Dog Harness/Leash: You can’t walk your dog outside without a harness and leash. Since it is against the law in most states to walk your dog without a leash having one is a necessity. There is some controversy between collars vs. leashes and we advise that all are needed.

Dog Collar: Dog collars are a staple for dogs this prominently displays your dog’s id tag in case they get lost. It is important for dog owners to know that they should take off their dog’s collars when they sleep. This lets their neck air out from the dander and dirt that builds up on their necks.

Feel like we missed anything use our contact page to get in touch!

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