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We Just Released Our New Toy Collection

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We are very excited to release our new toy collection for 2019.

We wanted to make cute and fun toys at an affordable price point for all. We have 6 different looking plush toys and each different type is made specifically for the way your dog chews their toys.

A lot of thought and time went into designing a toy specifically for the way your dog chews their toys, but we think it was worth the wait. You can view all the styles and color variants here.

Now introducing our Touchdog Cartoon Monster Collection

Starting off with our first cartoon monster plush toy it was made for dogs who like to chew on different shapes. The eyes, arms, legs, feet, and even the horn on the head was meant to vary the shapes for your dog to chew on.

We also wanted to have a toy that had durable arms for dogs who like to pull on their toys while they are chewing. If your dog likes to pull and chew on their toys this is a great cheap toy for them.

Bonus Fact: We changed the hands to claws later in the design process. He originally had squid like arms.

For our next toy we wanted to have something that any dog can play with no matter how big or small. Therefore, the arms and legs are thinner than the rest of our lineup.

We also wanted to make sure that the arms would have extra stitching to prevent tears for larger dogs. The result is a fun toy for dogs of all sizes.

Bonus Fact: The original design didn’t have hair, but it was eventually added to provide visual contrast. In testing dogs seemed to play with for longer with the added hair.

This toy was made for dogs who always rip their toys. We wanted this one to have no appendages that can cause stuffing to fly around your home.

Its simple design makes it easy to toss and the tail can be grabbed to play tug of war with your dog.

Bonus Fact: This design was made during the last phase of production when a mistake was made sowing extra hair to the previous toy. The process ended up turning the previous toy into this shape. After testing it was a success and more durable then any others we have in this collection.

This toy was made as a teaser toy for dogs. Grabbing onto the tail and swinging it around will make the wings flap slightly bringing added interested when playing.

Bonus Fact: The tail was originally made from the same material, but it was too thin. We had to switch to a different material in the end to make the tail.

We made this toy for smaller sized dogs that wanted that couldn’t play with our claw armed monster toy. These arms were originally on that toy.

Bonus Fact: We felt that having a snarky looking toy with a cat like shape would make a great toy and we found that humans liked this just as much as their fuzzy companions.

Our last monster was the original that started the entire collection. You can find that there are bits and pieces from every other toy that all stemmed here.

This was made for the average dog that just likes plush toys.

Bonus Fact: This toy originally had only 1 eye. After testing the 3 eyed monsters stitches fared better in durability which is why we chose this design.

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