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Dog Bandanas Collection

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

While bandanas for dogs aren’t new, they are a cool dog accessory that can express their personalities. While it’s a fashion accessory and not a necessity, bandanas are great for taking photos and sprucing up your pup.

We are rolling out our collection of bandanas for dogs. We just released 7 different styles of dog bandanas which includes plaid, stars, polka dots, and little elephants.

Each bandana is equipped with a Hook-and-Loop strap making it easier to put on than conventional bandanas. With out the need to tie it you can rest assured that your dog won’t be losing this bandana anytime soon.

Make sure you measure their neck before you decide on purchasing. Make sure you write down the measurements for future use. Here is a graph to help you find the right size bandana for your dog.

Neck Measurements


11.5” – 15.5”


13.5” – 18.78”


15” – 23”

What Are The Most Important Features?

Machine Washable: The best features of a dog bandana is that it should be machine washable. Having one that you have to wash by hand to clean the food and droll out isn’t something you want. Dogs won’t keep their bandanas clean, so we made all our dog bandanas machine washable.

How Does it Close: We tested clips, snap closures, tie close, and hook closures and we decided that Hook-and-Loop was the best option making it the easiest to put on and stay on. While there are other options out there, we believe Hook-and-Loop enclosure to be the best closure for a bandana.

Sizing: While we covered sizing options for the neck its important that you dog doesn’t feel restricted when wearing one. If you are noticing that their movements are being hindered or their breathing heavily the bandana might be too tight.

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