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Top 5 Superhero Dogs

Top 5 Superhero Dogs


No, we aren’t talking about the coins we are talking about Krypto the super dog. Krypto is Superman’s dog displaying the same powers and even having better sensory abilities like his sense of smell and hearing. Krypto also has super-canine intelligence that was almost or even par to human level. A dog displaying the same powers as superman has got to be number 1 on the list of superhero dogs.

Ace the Bathound

We can’t mention Krypto without mentioning Ace the Bathound. Every Superman needs a Batman and the same goes with their dogs. There are a bunch of different versions of Ace from Pre-Crisis – New 52 comics and even has multiple appearances on tv. Even though there are different versions of Ace they all display the same stoic poise, a sense for danger, protecting the innocent. Ace the Bathound might not have any superpowers but in our book, he is a superhero.


There’s no need to fear Underdog is here! This was the catchphrase of the iconic superhero dog Underdog in the animated television series that debuted in 1964. Despite being off the air for decades a film adaptation was created and released in 2007. Underdogs catchy one liners and upbeat positive attitude made him number 3 on our list.

Hong Kong Phooey

Hung Kung Phooey didn’t have as long of a run as Under dog but they were similar characters. Hung Kung Phooey had an alternate persona just like Underdog. Unlike Underdog Hung Kung Phooey never really solved anything himself and through unintended circumstances the cases would be solved. So why bother putting him on our list of superhero dogs? Because we think that putting your self a risk to help others is a noble and valiant effort on his part and that is half the battle.


Dynomutt the dog wonder might be the least known character on this list. He was known as the comic relief for the Blue Falcon. This series was a combination of Batman with Scooby-Doo like shenanigans. Much like Hung Kung Phooey he was a klutz often causing more trouble than good. Dynomutt was the much-needed sidekick to Blue Falcon which took his bland like character and combined it with an over the top tomfoolery.

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