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Best Dog Beds By Category 2019

Best Dog Beds

There are a lot of dog beds to choose from so which ones are the best dog beds. Since there are a few categories of dog beds available from small, large, and even special needs dog beds we are breaking them down by category.

Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

When it comes to choosing the best small dog bed there are a few criteria’s that you are looking for style, color, comfort, multi-use, & washable. The Touchdog Collapsible series is the way to go when choosing a small dog bed. We have a wide variety of different patterns, colors, and removable pillows for easy washing. The best part about this bed is that it can collapse from a dog house into just a dog bed. The size measurements for this small dog bed when opened is 17.8 x 17.8 x 19 when closed its 17.8 x 17.8 x 7.9 which is a perfect fit for some small carriers.

Best Dog Beds For Medium Dogs

The best dog bed for a medium sized dog has the same criteria as a small dog bed. The only difference between the two is that we don’t offer a collapsible dog house in anything larger than a small. When it comes to medium dogs our circular dog beds are the best for medium dogs. The circular shape resembles their natural instinct to curl when they are sleeping and since the edge of the bed is raised it is like a pillow for your dog’s head. Just like our other dog beds it comes with a removable pillow and it is machine washable.

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

When it comes to large dog beds the circular shape isn’t the most efficient. Larger dogs tend to move around more when getting comfortable. Our oval shaped dog beds or rectangular round dog beds give the extra room that large dogs need to move in order to feel comfortable. All the features from the medium sized dog beds are the same on our large ones however it has more room for your dog to get comfortable.

Surface-Control Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For XL Dogs

For extra large dogs the size of the dog bed matters more than the shape. Maximizing the surface area for a large dog is the most important part of an XL dog bed. At this size our surface control dog bed is the best option. It has a handle on the front for easy removal when cleaning it also comes with a thicker grade polyfill interior making it extra comfy for your puppy.

Aero Inflatable Dog Bed

Dog Beds Outdoors

Outdoor dog beds have a different set of criteria than regular dog beds. They need to be waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and durable to withstand the rugged terrain. Our Combat Terrain nylon dog bed is the best we have to offer it comes in multiple sizes, colors, and fits the criteria needed to be the best camping bed for dogs.

Eco-Paw Dog Bed

Dog Beds On Sale

If you are looking for a cheap dog bed look no further. Our Eco-Paw dog bed is on sale the original price is $42.99 it is now $24.99. These pet beds are machine washable and extremely portable which makes it great for indoor and outdoor uses. Most of our dog beds are on clearance right now making way for innovative new dog beds by Q4. If you are looking for a deal on a dog beds its Black Friday in July for dog beds.

Combat-terrain Dog Bed

Best Waterproof Dog Beds

While we could’ve placed our Aero Inflatable dog bed in a few categories we felt it was the best waterproof bed available. It is tear proof, easy to clean, and deflates in seconds. This bed is one of our most comfortable options that can also be used for traveling or camping purposes. What makes this bed unique is that it features a buckle which can attach to most outdoor travel backpacks.

Performance-Max Blue Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Chewers

If you own a dog who chews on everything our performance max dog bed is the best option. Heavy stitching all around the bed while having a durable mesh bottom to prevent tears and rips. The insertable dog cushion is easily removable and washable with a side handle for easy removal. This dog bed is built tough and can withstand heavy chewers which is why we offer it only in medium and large sizes.

Wick-Away Dog Bed

Dog Beds For Crates

In order to find the best dog bed that will it in a crate we had to break down which ones would fit the most comfortably and the Wick-Away dog bed was the perfect match. Since this bed comes in a variety of colors and patterns while having sizes ranging from xs to large this was our best option. Another important factor when choosing the best dog bed for crates is that it needs to be skid-proof and waterproof. The rubberized bottom prevents slipping within the dog crate and the removable waterproof cushion is easily washable in case of accidents.

Roar-Bear Dog Bed

Funny Dog Beds

We thought we should add our funny dog bed into the mix. It comes in two colors and it has a removable tongue. If you have small children, they will love this dog bed and perhaps play in it themselves.

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