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Best Cat Beds 2019

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Best Cat Beds

When it comes to cat beds choosing the right one for your kitty is important. There are a lot of cat beds to choose from so which ones are the best cat beds. Since there are a bunch of categories for cat beds we are going to pick the best ones in that category.

Best Modern Cat Bed

In our opinion the Touchcat Molten Lava Cat Bed is our favorite for this category. Its volcano shaped design structure and thick felt and wool fabric makes this our comfiest cat bed as well. At the top of the volcano bed has a Sherpa lava accent trim and a teaser toy included. If you are looking for a new modern take on a cat bed this one is for you.

Best Luxury Cat Bed

Choosing which bed was the most luxurious wasn’t easy after debating the Diamond Stitched Cat Bed is our top choice for this category. The half diamond pattern half plaid pattern accents and enhances the curb appeal of this cat bed. With a reversible and removable fleece pad your kitty cat will be living in the lap of luxury.

Cat Beds On Sale

If you are looking for a cheap cat bed look no further. We are running a site wide sale where you can save 20% off all products in the store. For this sale we recommend picking up the Kitty Ears Travel Cat Bed. It provides your cat with supreme comfort, has an incredible design, and is extremely portable. If you are traveling with your cat and are looking for a great deal on a cat bed this is the one for you.

Cat Beds For Crates

In order to find the best cat bed that would fit in a crate most comfortably and the Lamaste Travel Cat Mat was the best option. While this bed is on the larger size its can form fit most cat crates. Another important factor when choosing the best cat bed for crates is that it needs to be skid-proof since there are Velcro on the mat attaching them to your carrier is a breeze.

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